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Where can I get a book? We also have 29 racks throughout the area filled with books for anyone who needs one. These racks are located throughout the area, and include Bank of North Georgia, Partners Pizza in Peachtree City, PTC Library, Fayetteville Tag office, and Summit Healthplex in Newnan, and many more. Call 770-631-1204 or email us at and we can tell you the closest location to pick up a book.

What does the Rotary Club do with the money from the phone book? 100% of the proceeds fund local and international projects, including providing books and supplies to local schools, giving support to local charities, and supporting international efforts like the eradiction of polio and much more.

When does the Rotary Smart Directory come out? Early October, weather permitting.

Want info about advertising? Call 770-631-1204 or email us at to contact the Rotary Club about getting the latest info.

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